Glory Finance

Glory Token

GLORY (GLR) is the native super-utility and governance token of the GloryFinance Ecosystem that serves as its ultimate backbone. With GLORY, users can diversify their portfolio with one token and earn a share of the entire Ecosystem's revenue. Holders can take part in the platform’s governance and participate in shaping its future along with many other benefits.

Token highlights:

  • Real Yield 2.0: GloryFi distributes the protocol revenues to holders who stakes their token. You can become a real stakeholder in the project by staking GLORY and enjoying revenues in Stables. But that's not all! GLR is a real-life-tied digital asset, It is also the native token to SpinUp and GloryFi Labs business units.
  • Glory Governance: Stake your GLORY tokens and receive gGLORY, which gives you a say in the future of GloryFi. You can vote on all future changes to the protocol and even suggest your own.
  • Ecosystem token: GLR will be the backbone of GloryFinance making the ultimate currency of the Ecosystem, all transactions, payments and rewards will be in GLR

Token Tax and Deflationary mechanism:

The GLR token has a 1% tax on Buy/Sell transactions only. The 1% is distributed as follows: 50% is burnt. 50% is added to liquidity. The burns and liquidity injection will be performed periodically.
Learn about the project and its business units.
Learn about the project and its business units.