GloryFi Labs

Blockchain Infrastructure

GloryFi Labs is the R&D entity belonging to GloryFinance. The Labs aim to develop and build innovative & sustainable DeFi products and facilitate the integration of Decentralized applications in the conventional businesses. The Labs integrate MicroFinance services to DeFi and provides Blockchain infrastructure as a service to Financial institutions.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

GloryFi labs focuses on developing BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) products for corporate clients. The Blockchain platform for enterprises helps companies build and manage private Blockchain systems. The platform is built with dynamic scalability, interoperability, and security in mind. Therefore, it can help organizations across different industries enter the Blockchain space. A business can build its own private Mainnet in 24 weeks. In addition, the platforms offer 50% fewer transaction fees and gas fees compared to other popular private Blockchains.

Blockchain for businesses

GloryFi Labs offers an easier way to adopt Blockchain Technology by building on existing IT and cloud assets. The Labs securely extend business processes and applications while simultaneously allowing for the creation of new services. Therefore, any business can do this while eliminating manual, error-prone processes, and information redundancy, and reducing operating costs. GloryFi Labs has an easy-to-use development and deployment framework that allows developers from all levels of programming languages to build solutions with minimal effort and complexity.

R&D Tech innovation Center

GloryFinance’s in-house Innovation, development, and research center for DeFi and other related Blockchain products. The center aims to provide innovative and easy to use NFT, DeFi, Gaming, and utility platforms to the masses with a goal to accelerate the rate of Blockchain adoption and opening new markets while leveling up the user interfaces and experience to the wider tech standards. The center will focus first on bridging Microfinance and related services to Blockchain.

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