Yield Farming

Yield Farms allow users to earn GLR while supporting GloryFi by providing Liquidity.

GloryFi will offer GLR related farm (Glory Farms) and Top Trending Farms on different chains.

Glory Farms: Add liquidity using 1 single asset.

Reward calculations:

Yield Farm APR calculations include both:

  • LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity and;

  • Farm base rewards APR earned staking LP Tokens in the Farm.

With Glory Farms, users won't need to go through the hassle of normal farming, where Liquidity providers need to have 2 assets, get LP token then stake them into the farms.

Our Smartcontract will do all for you in 1 click!

  • There is a 0% tax on Staking and 1% tax on Harvesting and Unstaking.

  • Users can choose to Unstake in USDT or in GLR/USDT LP

Glory Farms APRs can be boosted using GloryFi Yield Boost mechanism by staking GLR token.

Harvest Lockup Period: 24 hours

GloryFi will bring to its community the top trending farms on the different chains, allowing users to enjoy the juiciest available APRs in our customizable Dashboard and with optimized user interface/experience.

The farms will have a weekly rotation keeping users updated by the latest trending tokens and greatest yield opportunities in the space.

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