GloryFinance provides a referral program that enables the community to grow organically. Users may use their referral link to ask others to join, and they can earn incentives for doing so.

The referral system's benefits are linked to the Farms-generated rewards by invited users. Every GLR that is earned and harvested will reward the referrer a commission.

Referral system details:

  • Glory Farms: Users can earn a 5% commission on their referrals' earnings. the rewards will be automatically transferred to the referrer wallet once the referred users harvest their rewards.

Your referral link/code can be found on the top bar section on the farm menu:

Example: You have invited a friend via a referral link and he/she generates and harvest 100 GLR in rewards from the Glory farms. Your rewards will be: 100 GLR x 5% = 5 GLR.

5 GLR will automatically be sent to your wallet without any fees or taxes. Note that your rewards are not deducted from the referred user's reward.

Please note that the referral system works for Glory farms only.

A Dashboard to view and manage your referrals will be available soon!

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