🪂Launch Airdrop


GloryFinance is launching an airdrop for the new community members. 🌎 We're giving away $250,000 worth of Glory tokens to early adopters and active users. 🙌 The purpose of the airdrop is to incentivize users to participate in the project, create awareness and demand, and reward early participants.

How to join?

  1. Click on "Join Airdrop"

  2. Complete the tasks

  3. Click on "Claim"

After your Click on Claim, your participation will be validated. You can now wait for Distribution.

  • Once you complete the tasks, you'll receive 1 ticket.

  • But that's not all! If you refer a friend to our airdrop, you'll receive 1 additional ticket per referral. 👌

  • Reaching 50 tickets will allow you to unlock one of the requirements for the exclusive OG role 💎

  • To participate you will need to follow ALL the steps below. 💯

How referral works?

  • Referrals are only optional but can increase significantly your share in the Airdrop.

  • Use your referral link to refer other users.

  • Referrals are only valid if your referral recipient completes ALL tasks.

  • Once a referral is valid, you will that 1 extra entry when you click on the referral task.


🔒 1. Please note that the Airdrop is Limited in allocation & time ⏱.

✅ 2. Only users who submit valid BEP20 wallets will receive the Airdrop.

👥 3. All users who complete the tasks will receive the Airdrop.

🛑 4. Your Airdrop amount will be determined by your number of tickets and the total amount of tickets.

✉️ 5. For more information about the Airdrop please check reach out to our team on Discord.

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