Glory Finance

Meet the Team

The Co-founders

I. James

👋 Co-founder and CMO — 💌 [email protected] — UAE, Dubai (GMT+4)
James previously worked with the global marketing team at Nestle HQ in Switzerland. Had strong experience in Banking, Finance, and wealth management in investment across Europe and North America. Recently Co-founded and led a Blockchain (DeFi) project to an $80M valuation.

R. John

👋 Co-founder and COO — 💌 [email protected] — UAE, Dubai (GMT+4)
John, Strategic Business Development Specialist with International Experience. Worked in Retail at Y. Capital Investment MENA region and was head of strategic development at T. Software leading the company to expand business activity in over APAC 20+ countries.

P. Bee

👋 Co-founder and CFO — 💌 [email protected] — UAE, Dubai (GMT+4)
P. Bee, An experienced APAC Executive & Founding Board member in Tech, worked with key stakeholders across public & private sectors such as Regulators like World Bank, Asia Development Bank, global and technology giants such as Google, Amazon.