Glory Finance



GloryFinance focuses on blockchain technology and its applications across the financial industry. We provide integrated solutions, including applications, platforms, workforce development, and consulting services to accelerate the rate of DeFi adoption and contribute to creating a trustless and decentralized financial system.
GloryFinance is an umbrella of 3 units:
  • GloryFi: Simplified DeFi with Cross-chain services and UI innovation.
  • GloryFi Labs: Blockchain infrastructure provider & DeFi Innovation center.
  • spinUp: Upskilling Tech and Blockchain Academy.

The Glory Story

Too many DeFi protocols but not enough DeFi protocols... There are obviously at least 10 new DeFi projects popping out every single day and the space starts to look saturated with new names and logos... But on the other hand, adoption is not accelerating and the web3 user base seems mostly static. Current projects are mainly fighting for the existing and slow-growing market share and are failing spectacularly to attract new users. It is hard to not notice that (in most cases) people around you (friends and family) do not know how to use a web3 protocol, even our senior friends in the Financial industry fail to understand how DeFi works, let alone the Uber drivers who deliver our food. It is worth noting that there is a significant gap between people and blockchain in general. So what might be the main reasons? And if there are any reasons, how do we solve them? These are the questions that were keeping us sleepless for many long nights. We figured that the slow user acquisition is probably down to 3 main reasons: 1. Complexity 2. Poor UI 3. Security (learn more) And if we could find a solution to solve these issues well (which is quite challenging to do) it might unlock new opportunities to kick off mass user onboarding. GloryFinance was born user-centric, with one goal in mind. Make DeFi easy, understandable, and accessible to everyone. The general assumption would be: If you can use a Cash app or pay online using your phone, you certainly can use a DeFi protocol. In our journey, we will be focusing on eliminating obstacles that stop new users from accessing a world of Financial transparency, freedom, and inclusion. We want to ensure that individuals and businesses have access to Decentralized Financial services and products that are affordable, convenient, and safe no matter where they are.

Our vision:

DeFi can help promote financial inclusion by providing access to a wide range of financial services and products such as savings, loans, insurance, and investment opportunities to anyone with an internet connection. But how good is DeFi when no one can use it... Through our 3 business units, we strive to bridge the gap between People and DeFi/Web3.