Yield boosting

The GloryFi yield boost allows users to increase their APR % on the Glory Farms by staking and locking GLR tokens in the GLR Pool.

Users can manually select their desired amount to stake and time to lock. The greater the staked amount and lock period, the greater is the APR Boost will be.

The Yield Boost Pool works following a % share system. Users will share the given boost according to their contribution to the Pool that is calculated using 3 aggregates:

  • Amount of GLR tokens Locked

  • Locking period

  • Amount staked in the GLR Farm

The Boost works only on the Glory Farms and not on the BNB Trending Farms.

Users can view and manage their open GLR positions:

Users can decide to Extend or Unstake their positions when the unlock time is due.

The total amount of the boost will be equal to the total amount of all positions.

When users stake their GLR, they receive gGlory (Governance GLR) which will be used in the governance platform to vote, propose and participate in multiple activities carried by GloryFi

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