Glory Finance

Glory OG

🏆OG Members: The prestigious OG! This role is for GloryFinance Legends. You have proved your worth as a pillar of the project and made a name for yourself within the community. You earned your respect and place through hard work and dedication.

How to receive OG role?

  • There is no hard and fast way to obtain the OG role.
  • What we can tell you is that OG defines our spirit, living by our vision and values and bringing nothing but upbeat and positive vibes to the community.
  • Below are a few ways in which you can earn yourself a place.

Choose a role for yourself and excel in it:

👨‍🎨The Creators

Flex your skills and show us your creations. This isn’t limited to artists. This is open to everyone with the ability to create something incredible! Art, music, poetry, stories, food - let your imagination run wild.

🔉The Ambassadors

You actively represent us on socials, supporting and sharing our content, inviting new members to join us, and helping to grow the Family. We’re making note of everyone who shows out.

👮‍♂️The Pillars

You’re a root in the tree of our community. You keep conversations flowing, and you spend time in the voice chat, educating and advising. You’re a household name in the server and you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

How to earn an OG place?

  • Our Managers are the eyes and ears of this server. They will be keeping a close eye on those who really go above and beyond to make this server a fun and welcoming place to be! Each week or two, we host a committee meeting where Managers will endorse the new OG members!

What benefits?

As an OG member, you belong to the project and the project belongs to you!
  • You will receive exclusive OG Airdrops and Giveaways.
  • You will have an exclusive say in GloryFinance, your voice will be clearly heard and respected.
  • You will have a significant influence on votes and proposals in the Glory Governance.
  • You will be close to the Glory team and involved actively in the project development.
  • But that's not all! a bigger plan is awaiting but for now, we can't say much 🤐!
  • Maybe one day you could become a shareholder in the project 🤔😉